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Tropical Expressions has created the only artificial outdoor palm trees that do not look artificial. Believe your own eyes. See the difference. Our palms are very unique and very real.

Foot Spray

Shower Palm Tree

Rinse off after a dip in the pool with a touch of a button.  Our unique shower palm has an adjustable metering button to allow water to flow for longer or shorter shower cycles with automatic shut off.

Optional foot shower available

The kids are sure to have fun playing under the Shower Palm Tree
Indoor or Outdoor Use
Great For swim schools

Shower Button

19′ King Shower Palm Button

Also Available
19′ Rain Forest Palm
With a refreshing mist of water to cool down your guests on those hot summer days.

The vandal proof foot rinse is activated by the simple push of a button with automatic shut-off.
It can be adjusted for longer or shorter rinse cycles.

Shower Palm Tree


There are 2 adjustments for water flow and amount of time the water will stay on.
The push-button can be adjusted for 5 seconds up to 60 seconds with automatic shut off.
It is set at 20 seconds.
The water spraying coconut can be adjusted to a fine mist or multiple types of
spray patterns for showers.
It can also be adjusted to shoot a stream of water that will shoot about 50 feet high and acts like rain coming down. Adjusting to a water mist is popular with cooling down guests on hot days.
17' Royal Palms

Try to imagine this pool without Tropical Expressions Royal Windswept Coconut Palm Trees.
Our Palm Trees will turn your community pool into a Tropical Paradise that will keep your guests relaxed and coming back

Queen Palm Trunk Detail
Looks Real – Feels Real!

AquaPlay RainFortress

Located at the largest waterpark in Japan

19' King Palms - Cheesburger Restaurant

Restaurants with a Tropical Theme use 19′ King Palms to draw attention to their businesses.


Margaritaville – Las Vegas, Nv.

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Tropical Expressions

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