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Kahuna Palm

Tropical Expressions
"Big Kahuna"
This gigantic 10' "Tiki Palm"  is made with durable weather resistant polyethylene.
Comes with a removable palm head
Makes a great addition to your pool bar or night club

Kahuna Torch

Uses propane gas, no messy oils.
Uses a refillable propane bottle.

Can easily be connected to a barbecue tank hidden in the lower pedestal, or plumbed to natural gas.

Kahuna Water Play

Tropical Expressions
"Big Kahuna"
Available in 3 very unique styles
Tiki Palm

Tiki Torch
WaterPlay -patent pending

Unique, Festive & Fun!

Big Kahuna Tiki Torch

Get Noticed!

Our 19' King Palms are turning the Fruit Juice Stand
into a true Tropical Oasis

Showcase Page 5

Tropical Expressions

Tropical Expressions