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17' Royals

17′ Royal “Windswept” Palm Trees come with 25 fronds, coconuts and installation hardware

The demand for unique and creatively designed Water Parks has increased.

17' Royal

Tropical Expressions 17′ Royal Windswept Coconut Palm Tree turns your aquatic park
into a Tropical Paradise

Mutiny Bay

Tropical Expressions Palm Trees turns Mutiny Bay into a Tropical Paradise


Tropical Expressions Palms are used to theme this lazy river at Camel Beach Water Park

Fort Worth Zoo

Happy Time Resort – Lake Mills, IA

The palm leaves are designed to blow freely in the wind for extreme realism.
This Palm is a real “Attention Getter”
Also available with a built in shower

UV Stabilized, advanced materials and stainless steel heads are used for quality and low maintenance.
Tropical Expressions manufactured palm heads can screw on to any structure


Showcase Page 3

Tropical Expressions

Tropical Expressions