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Q: How long has Tropical Expressions been in business?

A: Tropical Expressions opened its doors for business in 1989. Please read our testimonials from many happy customers that have purchased our products over the years.

Q: How are the palms trees made?

A: New technology has enabled us to manufacture our palm trees from molding real live palm trees. Many of our trees are cast from live palms with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). We do not make our palm trees with rubber coated sewer pipe like other companies. Tropical Expressions trunks will not crack, peal, or delaminate.  See our video on showcase 1

If you are shopping the internet for artificial palm trees ask what the trunks are made of.

Q: How are the palm trees installed?

A: Most of our palm trees slide down over a steel pipe. No need for bolting to a concrete pad.
Our Queen Palm trees are the easiest to install by using a steel pipe from Home Depot.Call us if you have any questions regarding installation.
Download Installation Instructions -CLICK HERE

Q: How are the palm trees measured:

A: Our palm trees are measured overall height - trunk and palm fronds combined. Example: Our 11' Queen Palm has an 7' trunk and a 4' palm head, making it 11' overall.

Q: Can I leave the palm trees outside all year in the snow?

A: Yes, Our Queen Palm Trees can be left out all year, although if you live in an extremely windy location, such as oceanfront or lake front, we recommend you remove the palm head for the winter. We recommended the palm fronds on our large King Palms & Royal Coconut Palm Trees be removed for the winter.  Frigid temperatures along with sleet and high winds can damage the palm fronds. We have made it very easy to remove the palm fronds. It is your choice. We carry replacement fronds if needed.

Q: Can I use silk fabric type palm fronds outdoors?

A: NO. Many imported fabric type palm fronds will not last outdoors.They are designed for indoor use only.
Don't be fooled, fabric type palm fronds are not designed for outdoor use.

Q: How are you rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

A: We have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for 30 years with no complaints.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order?

A: Most products are in stock at all times. Due to the impact of COVID-19 on our warehouse and shipping carriers, it may take longer than usual for your order to arrive. Thank you for your patience.

Q: Do you have palm trees with water misters or showers?

A: Yes. We have both. Tropical Expressions was the first company to manufacture the Shower Palm tree over 29 years ago. This is one of our most popular palm trees for swim schools, and water Parks around the country. We also have palm trees with built in beer taps and palm tree hammocks.

Q: Who buys your palm trees?

A: We ship our palm trees to Water Parks, Restaurants, Clubs, Resorts, Aquariums, Put Put Golf, and home owners around the world. Our palm trees can be found in over 21 countries. People looking for a tropical ambiance for their business or backyard look to Tropical Expressions to help create a tropical setting